Last Update: 31 July 2021
Since 19 July 1983 I own a Private Pilot Licence for single engine airplanes up to 2000 kg maximum weight. In 1994 I added the rating to fly powered gliders. Most training and flying experience was acquired at the Motorfluggruppe Nordholz-Cuxhaven e.V. and originated from it's landing strip EDXN Nordholz Spieka. (Info also at ) Since 1999 I am glad to be member of the flying club at the Airbus plant in Hamburg Finkenwerder (EDHI). In 2003 my licence was issued in accordance with JAR-FCL german version for Singe-Engine Piston Aeroplane (land) and Touring Motor Glider (self launching).
with a210 at Mauterndorf
This photo shows my father and me in an Aquila A210 at Austrias highest airfield Mauterndorf ( LOSM ). My father infected me with the flying virus.

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